Manual Il Corpo Causale (I classici della spiritualità) (Italian Edition)

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Tractatus de Praedicatione : Padua, Anton.

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Entered the order at a very young age cf. AFH 19 , , n. Was made sub-deacon in Probably taught philosophy and the Sentences pro exercitio at the Norwich studium. Therafter, he took his bacc. Chatton probably incepted there as regent master of the Franciscan studium generale ca.

After , Chatton moved to Avignon, where he probably acted as lector at the Franciscan convent and possibly at the curia school Maybe his magisterium dates from this period. He is mentioned as sacrae theologiae magister in a document from August ; cf. AFH 48 , Chatton was a respected theologian.

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He was, for instance, asked to participate in the committee that was to examine the views of Thomas Waleys and Durand of St. AFH 30 , In or before , Chatton was appointed apostolic penitentiary. Asaph, yet this was not according to the rule and probably a mistake , as the previous bishop was still alive and officially still in office CHUP II, , no. Chatton apparently died before the see became available.

Beside his academic works a.


In IV Sent : a. Florence, Naz. III, 26 [fragments] Cf. Determinationes : Paris, Mazz. Clm f. Sent , Q. Cova, in: Rivista critica di storia della filosofia 30 , Reportatio in IV. Libros Sent. Wey, Studies and Texts 90 Toronto, ; M. Reportatio super Sententias. Liber I, distinctions , ed. Etzkorn, Studies and Texts Toronto-Turnhout, Liber II, distinctions , ed.

Liber II.

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Lectura super Sententias. Liber I, Distinctiones , ed. Joseph C. Liber I, distinctiones , ed. Quodlibeta , see: Girard J. Rome, , 60, 62, 70, , , ; L.

We can probably measure media bias. But do we want to?

Auer, Die skotistische Lehre von der heilsgewissheit. Paris Bibl. Wolter , ed. Etzkorn St.

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Bonaventure, New York, ; L. Etzkorn AFH, 80 , , ; W. Current Research , ed. Jorge J. Annexe, Fribourg, Cordelier Cod. Philosophy between and , ed. Henrik Lagerlund Dordrecht et al.

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Vasallo, Schede medievali, 50, 2 Vols. Ontology, language, and logic , ed. Gyula Klima New York, , [Cf. Oleg V. He was at first a schoolteacher at Wimborne Minster before he joined the Franciscans. He apparently had a good grounding in Aristotelian philosophy acquired before or after he joined the order , and became a Franciscan lector at Cambridge , and thereafter moved on to the Franciscan friary of Norwich. Walter authored a series of satyrical and religious poems, which have an interesting vocabulary and and moral treatises.

For a full list of his sermons, see the study of Rigg below. Ave Virgo , ed. Rigg, The Poems , Mariae Carmina , ed. Rigg, The Poems, ; A. Anna Dorothy Kirkwood, PhD. Thesis University of Toronto, The extant text in the Cambridge manuscript comprises the sections on terra , aqua , and parts of aer. Some other parts are referred to in the works of Robert Holcot. It is steeped in the classical and patristic tradition, but also shows the influence of Richard of St.

Victor, medieval poets such as Jean de Hauville and John of Howden, and relatively new translations from Aristotle and Averroes. Thesis University of Toronto, ; A. Italian Observant friar. Custodian of of the Holy Land. As the custodian of the Holy Land, Gandolfo negociated with the Egyptian authorities and notably with Sultan Djaqmaq about the access of pilgrim sites and the privileges of the churches in the Palestine Area.

The good reputation of Gandolfo among his Observant colleagues mentioned in letters of Alberto da Sarteano and Giovanni da Capestrano , as well as the high opinion of him by pope Eugenius IV helped to secure his position as the Apostolic Commissioner for he Holy Land, India, Egypt and Ethiopia.

In , he took part in the general gathering of the Observants in Tuscany Bosco ai Frati friary as the provincial vicar of Sicily. Relatio de Statu Rerum Orientalium 1 February, Rome, I, a; A. Cirelli, Gli annali di Terra Santa , ed.

Golubovich Quaracchi, I, ; G. Golubovich, Serie cronologica dei reverendissimi superiori di Terra Santa Jerusalem, , ; L.

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Italian friar from the Picena province. Allegedly the author of an Opusculum de nobilitate Virginis Mariae. Nothing else known about this friar? Oratio funebris in Exequiis V. Franciscan friar from the Santiago province. Traveled in a group of twelve missionaries to New Spain in First provincial minister of the recently erected Santo Evangelio province He died the same year. According to Jeronimo de Mendieta, he wrote several series of sermons in local languages, and that he worked as a preacher in the local pueblos.

Andreae FF. Preacher of the Guatemala province. Sermon panegyrico predicado en la Iglesia Cathedral de Ciudad Real de Chiapa el dia tercero del solemne Novenario, que por mandado de N. Medina III, Medina, Biblioteca Hispano-Americana , 7 Vols. Conventual friar from Siena.