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First nutrition, make sure you are feeding your hens a formulated layer diet, usually 16 to 18 percent protein with some sort of calcium supplement added. Not having enough protein or calcium in their diet will trigger them into eating eggs which are both protein filled and calcium rich. Offer extra calcium in the form of oyster shell, if the eggs are soft for lack of calcium they might be breaking in the nest when the hens jump in and out.

And for a short time, maybe a week, offer extra protein in the way of yogurt or milk, stir a little into their feed to make a wet dough. Next, make sure their nest boxes are about 3 ft off the ground, if a hungry hen can see the eggs and reach in to get it she will eat it. These are all the maintenance things to do.

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Now the trick Get as many eggs as you have nests. Take a wooden or metal skewer or stick and stir up the egg inside. Blow out the contents of the egg, use it for scrambled eggs or make a cake.

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Now fill the empty egg shells with dish soap and cover the holes with a little glue or tape. Place the trick eggs in the nests. Once the hens get the soap in their mouths it won't be long before they stop eating the eggs. During this process it will be very important for you to go out and collect the good eggs every 2 hours or so, so that the only egg available to the hens will be the trick egg.

Good Luck!!!! Dear Hermit, Many thanks for the reply and all the information,I will certainly pass it on. I particularly like the soap idea! Just need to be there when they taste it! I had this recently I tried golf balls and moving the nest box this cracked it so to speak. Heh, heh, hehh.

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It is soooo frustrating when they start doing this. Another reason why I'm rather fond of our ducks. The Impulsive Gardener www. Are your friends chooks getting lots of treats?

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Birdie Wife. It can be really, really hard to stop hens eating eggs - once they get a taste for them, they rarely stop. You could try roll-away nest boxes - if your hens will use them, you're onto a winner! Just candled my eggs and Similar Threads Naughty hen - help please! By zanush in forum Rule the Roost. Replies: 3 Last Post: , PM. Definitely want to incorporate this recipe.

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Total Time 15 mins. Course: Appetizer.

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Cuisine: Vegetarian. Servings: 2 servings. Author: Jena Leigh. Instructions Toast all of your slices of bread in a toaster.

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While breads are toasting, chop and dice the hard boiled eggs and pickled veggies and add them into a small bowl. In the same bowl, add the mayo and all the seasonings from above.

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I did a couple of shakes with each of seasonings but season according to your tastes. Grab the toasted bread and spread the egg mixture over. Repeat the process with all the toasts. Serve and grub on!